Formatting options for Long Text


I would love to see basic text formatting options for the long text field. At a minimum: bold and italic formatting would be a huge help.

I would like to use long text fields to store short bios for writers. But without the ability to have italic formatting, I can’t properly format the titles of their books.

The markdown formatting tools available in this Airtable community message editor would be perfect.

Simple Word Processor for Long Text Field
Checklist guidance
HTML Emails with SendGrid Block
Markdown field type

+1 for markdown support in long text data type fields. :+1:


:thumbsup: Formating for Long text will be very useful


+1 for markdown support in long text data type fields. :+1:


Exactly! This is a must! We need to store articles into fields. One can easily create a form for writers to upload their articles so they can be stored in a table. It’s would be a great solution for this purpose, but a wider formatting needs to be supported in “Long Text” fields. A copy paste from word should not lose it’s formatting. I really hope this can be added soon!


+1 for Markdown.

Though I’d also love to see field-tokening and save-as-HTML. Being able to do the Zapier side of document formatting, within Airtable, referencing field values and ideally, formula-generating some portion of long text, would be the jam.

The Long Text field remains our only real portal to decent document formatting…



Hey Airtable team,

Any availability on this? A must have for anyone who think about switching from Trello!


Oh yes please… formatting in long texts would really be helpful.


Another +1 for this. That would be awesome


+1 for this one. What I see in above the editing field while writing THIS would be awesome.


In addition to bold and italics, creating new paragraphs and lists (that persist in emailed records) would help with our flow. In the example given above, an author with a multi-paragraph bio gets squished into one paragraph on email.


Markdown would be super helpful. I approve this message.


+1 for Markdown support in long-text fields.


+1 for this. The same formatting options as exist in a base description would be ace.


+1 from me too. This is one of the big things stopping me from switching my solution over.


naked links looks so messy
wish I could hide long URLs with markdown


+1 surprised Airtable actually understands markdown (in base description fields)!


Formatting options for Long Text would be such a powerful thing to have!

What have other users been doing to get around this limitation?


I use encoding - square brackets for bold and curly brackets for italics.
Can sub in HTML tags in a formula for outputting.


Specially for urls this would be great. Currently if you need to link to multiple urls you have to create an url table and add multiple links from the current record to records in the url table. Besides, this won’t be well integrated (wiki style) in the record notes/description.

Trello mixes the concept of attachment and urls. Since Airtable already support a multiple attachment field, a generalization that sees urls as a kind of external attachment would also support the particular use case I described above.