Forms in Android [SOLVED]


Hello! Just found AirTable and hoping to use it to provide a few solutions at my job and for my friend’s business. One area that would make it easier to deploy would be forms in Android. That way I can deploy it to the end users to log their sales transactions, for example, through a simple form and not have to learn how to navigate a database.



Hello to you too! If you create a form view on the desktop and give the form link to the end users, the form will open up in their browsers, and they can enter/submit data from there.

Alternatively, you can tap on a card to open it in expanded view, which shows all the fields in a vertical arrangement and might feel more friendly to people without any database experience.


If the user has AIrtables installed on their android device, and they open the link provided for the form, it will open a browser page, then ask the user if they want to use the Airtables app as default. If they choose that, then the Airtables app handles it for them. I just test it on my wife’s device, with my form.

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