Forms: multiple select linked records from another table

Here’s my use case:

I’m sending a form to my employees with a list of upcoming jobs (jobs table). I want to display a multiple select checkbox list of all job records in a particular view in the jobs table (all unassigned jobs over the next 45 days).

Employee would scan the list, check the box next to each job they are able to work, then submit the form. The submission would create a new record in a scheduling forms table (junction table) that links a job record with 1 or more employee records.

Anybody have a good solve for this?

Just realized I can get 90% of the way there by creating my junction table (“scheduling surveys”) and adding a link field to the employee table and a link field to the jobs table with the “limit selection to a view” option. Now the only shortcoming is that link fields don’t support the “display as list” option in form view. This means the employee will have to click into the jobs select field many, many times to select all of the jobs they’re available for. It works, but the UX is pretty dismal.

My interim workaround: I email the employees a private shared link to the view of upcoming available jobs. This lets them view all of the potential options on 1 screen.

The email also contains a link to the scheduling survey form that lets the employee select each upcoming job they’re available for. The multiple clicks is still annoying, but at least this way they don’t have to click into the link select field to see all of the available jobs. The shared view workaround also lets me present multiple columns of information about the job, rather than only the job name.

So this mostly solves my workflow, but I’d still love to see support for something like this added to Airtable forms, even as a paid feature.

We’ve built a solution for this (I think). Our miniExtensions Portal now allows users to link themselves to other records with a click. So your employees can browse the available jobs, pick the ones they want and they will be automatically added to the employee’s record.