Functions in field Default Value

It would make my life so much simpler if we could write functions to pre-fill default values for fields. At the moment, I have many columns in pairs, one column with a computed “default” value, and the other with an editable value. (When the values are equal, I make the computed field display “…”) It works but it makes my rows really long!


This would save me a lot of time too!
In my case, I have an Expenses table that has an Object field (the reason for the expense) and that can potentially be linked to an Order object from the Order table. I want the Object field to be pre-populated with the Order name if there is one linked for this record, or to be left blank and editable otherwise.


Being able to set default values via formulas on single select fields, date fields, text, etc. would be a game changer.

  • Without the above feature KABANs and Grouped records that are driven by formula calculated fields cannot be moved into another grouping.

  • Adding the ability to set a default value via formula on single selects, etc would allow users to have the best of both worlds.

See other places where this feature is either requested, or would have been requested if the user had thought about asking for it:

In addtion to being able to set a default value via formula, I would like to be able to UDPATE the value of a field (be it single select, text, date, or a multi select field) when the value of field that is in the formula is changed. For example, if I have a formula to calculate whether an item is DUE, OVERDUE, or NEARING DUE, or in GOOD STANDING… sometimes I need to quickly update the field to GOOD STANDING (despite such status being in conflict with dates). However, if a date changes after said manual override is made, I would like the DEFAULT value to be reapplied from the new calculation.


Another request-bump for using a formula as the default value for certain fields. I nearly made a new request, but am glad I searched first. :slight_smile: There have been several questions lately where a user wants a field to be manual sometimes and automated/calculated at others, and this would solve lots of those problems.

One thing not mentioned above is that the formula should probably be checked to ensure that it returns the same data type as the field requires (i.e. a numeric value for a numeric field). However, because Airtable already does certain error-checking with existing formula fields, I can’t imagine that this would be that hard to carry over.


This one is also important to me; you could reverse this relationship and call it an “overridable function” instead.

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I would like to bump this one up again. If we could use a Formula to autofill a Single Select this would solve this problem and this one. This would be particularly useful for tracking a task in a Kanban based on how the team has updated certain elements.


Later the next year, I am echoing this. I want a field to have a standard date that is pulled from another field (the Due Date) as a default value, but then I want someone to be able to override when an exception is needed. Help!


Bumping this too. I’d love this as an option. I have many case where 90% of records can be generated from a formula, but 10% need to be customised.

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