Google Data Studio connector for Airtable


Hey Airtable team, have you come across Google Data Studio? It’s a free tool that is excellent for visualising data and creating BI dashboards - a perfect companion to Airtable.

Google Data Studio has ‘community connectors’ that allow users to pipe in data from third party services such as yourselves. I’m trying my hand at building a private connector for one of my bases at the moment, and it’s not too tricky.

So, my request is for you folks to build a public ‘community connector’ that anyone could use to connect their Airtable data to Google Data Studio! More info here:


Could also be an easy solution to this request: Ability to create graphs, charts, maps from data in Airtable database


You could use Railsware’s Airtable Importer to get your data into a Google Sheet:

Then just use the Google Sheet as a source for Data Studio.


Thanks Matt, that importer is awesome! I’m having trouble refreshing data with the Railsware add-on though, given the volume of tables syncing to different spreadsheet tabs. Appreciate your suggestion :slight_smile: