Guest collaborators in Pro Workspace



It would really nice to be able to invite guest collaborators for bases that you didn’t need to pay for. I like the Slack model where every member has 5 free guests to add in one channel.

Maybe you could do the same so that every paying workspace collaborator has 5 guests to invite. The guest could only have access to one base and if gain access to more than one they would be billed for.

Rigth now when you have to collaborate with people outside your team you have to move a base to a free workspace. And can understand why Airtable choose to do this but maybe guest access could be a way in between.


Just to mention, you also can add Free users to Paid workspace bases, as long you give them read-only (or commenter I think) permission.


Hi @Elias_Gomez_Sainz

Yes I think it’s only the read-only but not the comment that you can add for free.

And I can understand why you have to pay but say you have a workspace with 50 bases and 20 collaborators. If one base then has 5 extra people you end up paying for 25 collaborators for the whole workspace. If you scale this up a team of 20 people could easily pay a lot more money than just for them selves.

That’s why I think the Slack model with 5 guest pr paying workspace collaborator would make sense.