iCal not matching Airtable Date

I have a date being pulled in from another system which is written in PST, it has GMT turned off. The date goes through some formatting formulas but is still written in PST. When I export a calendar (ical) with the finished formatted date, it seems off a day or so when read by Google, Outlook, etc. How do I make the iCal understand the date it’s getting from an airtable field is PST and it does not have to adjust it? It says https://airtable.com/..../iCal?timeZone=America%2FLos_Angeles&userLocale=en but it doesn’t seem to matter no matter what I change the timeZone= to, it is still wrong when compared to airtable’s date which i understand is in PST because I pulled it in PST while in the PST time zone.

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