Last modified time


+1 I would also like this for my API integration


+1 for “last modified” as well! we were surprised to find that this doesn’t exist, and it’s hugely inconvenient for project management, filtering


I use Airtable for my property managers to update all of their respective property statuses. i would like an easy way to see when the last time they have updated their tables (should be every day).

what’s the best way to accomplish this?


Moving this discussion into the feature requests section.


Is there a way to get a record’s creation and/or last modified timestamp?

Perhaps using a formula field or through meta info provided through the API?

~ Tim


I’d like to have a column in a database that only updates a cell when that record has been added or updated. There is a field type for auto updating when the record is created but not when a record is altered in any way.


Thank you for moving this here. Insofar as it is possible to vote for a feature, this has my vote


great! is there a time frame for implementation? this is pretty much holding us back from a paid membership.


I don’t know if Heart’ing previous posts or replying is the best way to cast a vote for “LAST_MODIFIED”, but it is critical for us as well. Pretty please??


+1 here guys. this is absolutely crucial for my team.


+1 I’m a recent convert to Airtable and think it’s a beautiful and great product. However, it’s incredibly surprising this feature hasn’t been implemented yet, especially after almost two years of discussion… I’m writing an API integration with Airtable that imports into another DB and this makes tracking changes and updates a nightmare. It’s not even a large Base! If you’re performing operations on multiple related tables, not having a modified timestamp forces you to write something client side and/or make dozens of API calls and it’s a huge performance issue. I guess Airtable is forming the dev roadmap based on it’s broadest demographics, but this seems like a such a no-brainer for any service that wants to be able to perform like a CMS…


+1 for “last modified” as well! We need it!


+1 for last modified time-stamp, or last modified date, etc. MUST HAVE – needing to create a unique table view that aggregates records that have changed.


It’s been a while @Andrew since your last post. Are there any reasons why modified date takes so long to be implemented?


Once again, I’m on the hunt for a formula that displays the date AND time that another field was checked (checkbox field). We need a way to timestamp releases of files and the easiest way is to check off the task. Checking it off should then result in a timestamp in an adjacent or referencing field/column.

Right now we are using:

IF(Checked=1, TODAY())

But that doest not return the time, and is seemingly not a persistent timestamp. Ideally we’d have a formula that updates only when the referenced field/column is updated (checked/unchecked).


NOW() returns day and time. :slight_smile:


Alas… The NOW function updates every time you refresh the sheet (pretty sure). What we need is a persistent timestamp that does not change until/unless the associated trigger field (checkbox) is modified (checked/rechecked).


Sure does. I was only responding to your observation that TODAY does not have a time component.

It also updates every time you refresh, but you’ll only notice that the other day of course. :wink:


By the way, if you really need this, I can create a custom solution for you. Drop me a message in case you’re interested. :slight_smile:


+1 from a new user. Would be very useful.