Multiple Page Document in Page Designer



I am using Airtable for project management. I am trying to shift some of our proposal generation to Airtable and see some promise with the Page Designer Feature.

Just wondering – is it possible to generate multiple pages from a single record? Basically, for each job, I have several components that take up most of a sheet of paper. I need to have a summary table of work to be completed below that, along with terms and conditions.

Our current proposals are 6 pages long using Microsoft Word

Any thoughts on how to accomplish this?


I do the same for creating rental contracts for my photo studio. The best solution I could come up with is to have all of the dynamic info that’s pulled from Airtable (client name, booking time/date, fees, etc.) displayed on a single page designed in page designer.

I then export that as a PDF and manually combine it with another 4 page PDF of boilerplate contract details that never changes from booking to booking. I end up with a 5 page document (Airtable page is #1) that I then email to clients.

Kind of a pain in the ass, but until there’s a way to create multipage documents in Airtable (or someone enlightens me to a better solution), I think that’s the best way to go.

Good luck


That’s basically the solution I’ve come up with for now as well.

Not ideal, but workable. I would definitely like to see this support developed in the future, however. As well as support for other editing capabilities (e.g., basic text formatting, box borders, lines, etc.)


This would be super helpful for us as well. +1 here.


Yes, super, super helpful, if not mandatory and it would make Airtable even more to a killer app!


I have this same issue. I would like to use page designer to create projects by college view for reporting purposes. Some colleges have more projects going than can be displayed on a single page. I was hoping this would be a quicker way to make a nice human-readable summary for administration.

Instead, I will have to do an export and use page merge capabilities of Word or perhaps code something up on a web page using the API. :frowning:


+1 here too. I’m using this for my expense tracking and it would be great to be able to print the expense form and then on a second page print the receipt, but since I can’t do that I’m printing the form, and then printing the receipt separate even though I’m also additionally adding the image or pdf of the receipt as an attachment.

I also hoped to use this for event planning - we have an annual event with booths, and we send out a booth assignment and confirmation. It’s always been a 2-pager and I’m really not sure how to do this with one, so I guess I’ll be experimenting when that event rolls around again next year.


To quote a recent message from another Airtable user:

i found a solution (sort of) for a problem i was having with blocks - in page designer, i couldn’t define one page designer block to have more than one page so that i could print a multipage record. it’s actually pretty straightforward and i feel very dumb. i just set the record size page to “custom” and double/triple/etc the height (1274 px x2 or x3 or more, according to how many pages i want). then i just have to define larger margins in my printer so that it won’t cut out text.