Number format (##,###,###.##) with comma or other separators

We would love to see EU number format as well! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


In need of this feature too please!!

Sigh… If after 4 years, this is still not fixed, it will never happen. What a hopeless support from Airtable.

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The only workaround i’ve found is to replace dots and commas with a Script block to match the Airtable format.
There is an example of search and replace inside de block documentation.

I’m a heavy Podio user and was looking for an alternative to learn some new exciting software. I want to use 1,5 as one and a half. NOT 1.5 as one and a half. Is this not possible in Airtable? Am I understanding this thread right?

Yes, you are understanding right.

Unfortunately, the Airtable team is 100% USA based, so my guess is that they didn’t realize that dozens of countries around the globe use different number and currency formatting.

But the real disappointment for me is that they still haven’t fixed the problem, after 4 years of complaints from international customers — many of whom have simply moved onto other products. And it would be such an easy fix for Airtable to implement.

So, unfortunately, you’d have to manually figure out your own solution for this: either create a formula to convert your numbers, or automate something with JavaScript or Integromat.

@Taylor_Savage @Jason @Raghav_Sethi


Your claim is pretty weird. There are no other countries on the globe of America.


Lol, this is so true! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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+1. Other formats like ###.###,00 me too please!

Please be sure to email with your requests for this feature, too!

As a team that is 100% USA-based, they are apparently unaware of other countries! :man_shrugging:t2::wink:

So? What needs to be done for this to happen???

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Still no? Whyyyyy? :frowning:

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This is still not a feature? My mind is blown.

They rarely listen to us. We’re just chatting amongst ourselves here. And they think that there’s only one country in the world: USA.

They don’t realize that 50% of the countries around the world use different currency formatting. (Partial list of countries on that page.)

Best thing you can do is email, and hope that enough people request this for them to finally change it within the next decade or so. :roll_eyes:

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I would like to know the possibility of changing the separation of thousands with a comma, and place it with a period. (Current: 1,000) (I need: 1,000)

me gustaría saber la posibilidad de cambiar la separación de miles con coma, y colocarla con punto. (Acutal: 1,000) (Necesito: 1.000)

Really do need this!!!

However, I just discovered that the currency formula works, just leave the symbol box empty when formatting.


4 years later, still waiting…

Such a silly workaround, but completely solved the issue I was having. Thanks so much.

I found a workaround which does the job, however I do agree with all of you that “.” instead of “,” separators should be a common feature. This works for numbers from 1 to 999.999.999 without commas.

Let’s assume you have a column “ColumnA” which contains the number 264,984,354

Step 1
Create a support column “ColumnB” as formula type column, use the formula


to convert it to a string

Step 2
Create another column as formula type column, use the formula


to change the number format to 264.984.354

Feel free to add a working comma-function and paste it here, I’m sure others would appreciate it.

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need this please Airtable