PDF attachments not displaying

I use Zapier to post data and and PDF file attachments into Airtable records. This has been working fine for months.

Today I find that my PDF file attachments do not display previews in my expanded Airtable records - they appear as generic file icons - and the download icon/link is not visible - I can see only the ‘Rename’ and ‘Remove’ icons.

If I click on the attachment to get to full screen preview, the viewer loads with an error message: ‘Unable to view file, please try again later’.

Does anyone know what is going on?


Getting the same issue with our attachments. Often .docx files?

I am experiencing the same issue, I am not able to see the attachments or download them!!!

I’m also experiencing this issue with photos and documents. Some of them fixed themselves but still have many that i cannon open.

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Is this only occurring with new attachments, or are older ones doing the same thing? If it’s the latter case, I recommend contacting Airtable support to discuss the issue.

If it’s only with new attachments made after a certain date, could you share more about the process you’re using to attach things?

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