[Resolved] Automation Script Output is not usable in downstream automation steps

Hey everyone,

Hoping that this is a simple fix, but can’t find any documentation on this problem so far.

Problem: The output of a script is not being accepted as inputs to downstream steps in an automation I am trying to create.

Use Case: I am trying to create an automation that does the following:
There’s an update to a Google Calendar Event
Look up corresponding Airtable Record
//run script
Compare the Start/End Times between the Airtable record and the updated Google Event, output whether the times match or not.
//Conditional Actions

  • IF: Start/End Times DO match → Do Nothing, end the automtation
  • IF: Start Times DO NOT match → Update Airtable record with new Start Time value from Google Calendar
  • IF: End Times DO NOT match → Update Airtable record with new End Time value from Google Calendar

Below are some screenshots of the automation, the script code that I’ve written, and the “error” I am getting when I try to use the Script Outputs in downstream conditional actions - which happens regardless of whether I try the ‘Dynamic’ or ‘Static’ approach.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

Try setting the script output to a text string or a number instead of a boolean.

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@kuovonne - that did the trick! :grinning: :pray: changed from boolean to number. sort of weird that Airtable doesn’t make this clear in their Output documentation but hopefully they’ll make that more clear in the future.

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Sort of weird that Airtable doesn’t recognize this as a bug. :wink:

The entire basis for return values in software languages since the dawn of time (01-01-1970) is the boolean. And you can’t pass that as an output?

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