Return only most recent entry in a rollup field?


I’m trying to get this field to show only the most recent entry. The field is a rollup from another table, showing different kinds of interactions, so the result in the field is something like this:

call no show, followed up, etc

And I want to create a field that will return only the most recent one. I’ve tried a bunch of different things I’ve found in this forum, but nothing is working so far…

Any ideas?


Can you try something like rolling up the Created Time using MAX(values).

Then use a Look Up field in the table you rolled up from to look this value up. Then use a formula to display the type of interaction if Created Time is the same as the rolled up maximum time…

IF( {Created Time}={Max Time}, {Type of Interaction}, BLANK() )

Then use a Roll Up or Look Up in the other table to get the interaction.

(I have not tried this, but it is probably how I would attempt it)

Thanks for your idea!

I actually figured out that the reason nothing was working… was that I was trying to operate off of a lookup field instead of a rollup field. DOH!

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