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Security & Compliance Admin Settings

Hello,Can someone please shed some light on what the "Full" and "Access Read-only Share links" options are under Read-only Share links Configuration section? The help page here talks about everythign except this option.Thanks so much for your help!

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Hi! I need help. I am attempting to connect a Jotform to my Airtable. Here is the problem: on the Jotform, users can submit multiple students to nominate on one form (ex: student 1, student 2, etc). From there, I want the data to populate on my airta...

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Summarizing linked records in a lookup field

Hello! I'm trying to figure out how to count the number of times that a linked record appears within a cell in a lookup field, but I'm completely stumped.My base contains information about hockey leagues and clubs. There are several tables, but the i...

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Page Designer-esque extension for whole grid?

I need to be able to quickly select products to send out as a pricelist each week. Since all my data is in airtable, I'd like to be able to do this from Airtable, however I am unable to find a tidy way to do this with airtable.. The issues I have doi...

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How to sync all columns from JIRA or to select some of them?

Hi!     I use a JIRA Cloud and successfully synced it to AirTable, it is working fine (#1), but...     In JIRA I have 342 columns and only 85 columns was imported to Airtable using the “All fields in the source” option (#2).     Using the “Specific f...

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track changes to View filters?

Is it possible to see revision history for changes to a View? I have a base that's shared with many people, and there's one collaborative view which is being changed with filters and sorts. I don't want to lock this view down, because some people do ...

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Print from Airtable App - Text is Overlapping

Having a problem with printing from Page Designer from the Airtable app.We're using the workaround for >1 page documents, where we just make the page height 2x the height of our paper size and when we print, it splits into two pages. Except, when we ...

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One Form to Create Multiple Entries in a Single Table

I am trying to create a form (must be a form to avoid licensing/orgfencing issues) that a seller will use to nominate 1-n users. I figured I would use conditional text to add the next nomination (i.e., if they fill in the first nominee -- more than o...

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Logo size on forms

Why does the logo at the top of the forms always appear so tiny? I have resized and changed image formats and the logo still appears very small. Is this intentional? Can this be changed?Thanks!H.

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