[SOLVED] Adjustable Row Height


Being able to adjust row height and wrap text within the fields would be really useful for some applications where long text is required. Some applications lend themselves to scrolling through long lists of text and quickly identifying and editing records, which cannot be done efficiently in an “expanded” record view. The new gallery view is nice for photos and things but still really not appropriate for chronological long-text entries that need to be visually scanned by scrolling.


I’d really like to see this too. Thanks!


Of all the possible features that could get added to Airtable, being able to adjust row height would have the biggest impact on me - someone who, like the first poster, often has long text entries. It’s difficult to “take it all in” by having to click on a given cell to see the entire entry. I often have to view cells in context with each and it is cumbersome to click back and forth among multiple cells.

A great way to implement this would be to have an “Expand” (or similar) button up with the Filter, Group, and Sort dropdowns. Clicking it would automatically wrap the text adjust the row height to show the entire entries (would adjust to the longest entry.) Click it again to set everything back to neat, uniform rows.

Airtable is truly and awesome app. I’ve been looking for something like it for a long time. This feature would make Airtable even better!



I would like to see this too. Airtable table’s aren’t easy enough to read.


Please consider this feature as soon as possible… It is the main differentiator in getting collaborators on-board (to Airtable).


Hey folks! Today we just released the row height feature to everyone: now, you can select from one of four different row height settings to control the density of your records. Stick with the default short height to maximize the number of records you can see on your screen, or pick tall to see larger images and more text per each record. Read more about it here.


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