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We’re opening up a new block for beta testing called the embed block, which allows you to view content from other web pages on your blocks dashboard. Just enter a URL and the page, video, livestream, feed, post, or widget will appear in a frame on your dashboard.

Blocks are a pro plan feature, so anyone on the pro plan is welcome to apply for access to test out the beta.

If you’re interested, you can apply for the beta at the following link by selecting the embed block option: https://airtable.com/shrLK2dGvhx46S6bU

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[Embeddable page designer] An embed block - and I don't mean the option to embed blocks
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As a follow up, I wanted to announce that the embed block has officially launched today, and is available to all pro and enterprise plan customers. If you participated in our beta testing for this block, thank you for your time!

If any questions come up around using this block, feel free to email us at support@airtable.com



I suspect it has to do with DOM security restrictions and the way the Embed Block is implemented,¹ but it’s a shame it only supports a static URL per Block instance (as opposed to loading the embed URL from an Airtable field…).

  1. Shorthand for “I guess I should take the time to research this myself, but I’m hoping someone who already knows the answer will respond.”

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