Sort and Manually Re-order Groups


I love the fact that, in Grid View, you can manually re-order records, and sort by a variety of criteria. But it would also be nice if you could sort and manually re-order GROUPS of records, when displaying in groups.

Currently, the only option is an alphabetical sorting of groups. That just doesn’t work for our project management base, in which we commonly create views for a particular user, sorted by status (in progress, with client, on hold, etc) or by priority. It would be great to be able to put the most relevant groups at the top.


I agree! I just created my first Airtable, which shows all open projects, grouped by the name of the project leader. The groups appear in alphabetical order; I would like to group them in order of the leader’s seniority. (The most senior project leader also has the most projects, and their projects all involve other team members, so there are several reasons for putting them at the top.)

As you explain, organizations have lots of reasons to re-order the groups manually, so this feature would be very helpful!


Agreed! It would be great to be able to manually re-order groups the way we manually re-order records.


Hey folks -

You should be able to re-order groups by going to the “Design Pipeline (Kaban View)” in your project, then clicking-and-dragging the stacks. This will reorder your groups in all other views as well.

Good luck!

@Susan_Halevi @Eugene_Marshall


Depending on what type of field you have, you can reorder within the field type, then your groups will be in that order. So for example one of my field types is the Single Select field and I reordered things in there and now my groups are in that order. You can see in this gif I made:


This worked! Awesome and thanks.