Temporary column filtering and sorting


As a team member, I would like the ability to temporarily filter and sort on a column without changing the view settings so that I can perform some quick analysis without creating a bunch of separate views or messing up the current view. As a base owner, I would like the default sort, filter, and grouping actions for a column to NOT change the view definition so that one team member doesn’t accidentally mess up the view for the whole team. Instead, there should be a separate action to “update view definition based on current view settings”. Note that having some distinction between the current view and the view definition is typical in many products, including SharePoint lists, QuickBooks memorized reports, etc.


You mean something like this? Parent/Child Relationship for Views


That’s a pretty cool idea, but we’re looking for something much simpler, which is just the ability to sort, filter, and group without changing the saved view. We want to perform ad hoc investigation of items in a table without messing up our carefully created views. This feature would be so easy to implement…just don’t overwrite the saved view definition unless the user explicitly says to (say, by clicking “Unlock” or “Edit view” icon right next to all the other view controls. Or, conversely, allow the view to be protected from temporary changes by clicking a “Lock” icon.


+1 for something like this.

We’ve ended up creating a separate view for every team member, so that they can slice/dice their view without affecting everyone else’s view. However, if they want to do a temporary sort/filter, they’d have to undo their changes each time to get back to their default view.


+1. Many of our users are inexperienced. Opening the table and seeing an unfamiliar view (or worse, saving their own special view) is a potential problem. Crafting some type of access permissions that permit “un-saveable” new views would be handy.


Maybe the Personal Views are useful too in some of these cases.