Updating records from import data


I run courses at an art school. I have initially populated a base and various tables with student information imported via csv. Now I need to import new information regarding new courses. Some students will be the same. How do I update the original student records with this new information? It seems basic like there should be a check box to update existing records where name and phone number are equal. Any help would be appreciated


Unfortunately, this isn’t that simple…

You could do this by having a separate upload table which you import information into - you could then use Zapier to search for existing records and update them - and if not found create new ones. This would require a paid for Zapier account as it requires multi step Zaps.


Perhaps export your base to CVS, do the compare in excel (i know there is a “remove duplicates” function there), then re-import back to airtable…?


Both replies don’t leave me with a lot of hope for a simple solution. No easy solution makes it difficult to keep accurate records of clients history and needs. An import should be an automatic script where it scans for like like records based on name and updates or adds to the record.

If it’s of any value the csv file is a product of registrations/sales in woo commerce.



Julian’s reply is the simplest solution, as it only needs to be set up once. However, it does require a paid Zapier account.

In the use case you mention, if the registration data is updated just a few times during the year (at the beginning of a term), then Samantha’s suggestion will likely suffice. You can even perform the duplicate removal on the CSV with free software like Notepad++.

Otherwise, you may want to track this feature request topic, since it’ll do what you need if/when it’s implemented:


The new incarnation of the CSV Import Block supports record update via import.