Webhooks for Records


Webhooks for records would be really useful.

I’m heavily caching Airtable data on my own server via the API, and if Airtable could notify my server when a record is updated, created, or destroyed, that would help me invalidate the cached data and re-request it.

Ultimately that would mean less calls from my server to the Airtable API, which I imagine would please Airtable.

Are webhooks on the roadmap at all?

Scripts for Airtable: add alerts, reports, integrations to bases

I would like to second this request. Webhooks notifications when a record is updated would be HUGE.


This is a must for me! The only thing letting airtable down


Not just a must. An absolute necessity for any serious integration. Zapier is far too limited.


The lack of webhooks is currently a killer for the future use of Airtable.


+1 for Webhooks. We use Airtable like a CMS in certain ways and it’d be great to have team members’ changes be known in the rest of our system.


Yes, constantly polling the API for changes isn’t my favorite


Please please please.


+1 for webhooks! :slight_smile:


+1 for webhooks. The API is great, but there are some applications that are crippled without this feature. I’m really hoping this will be added.


+1 for webhooks. Even just the ability to run a GET when new data is added so I can trigger a CI build.


Webhooks are a must. Until then I’ll need to poll the api every 5 seconds or so… I’m OK with doing just seems like a waste.


+1 for webhooks! This would open up Airtable to a huge world of application opportunities without excessive polling


Webhooks would allow Zapier to have instant Airtable zaps, instead of the 5 minute wait


No webhooks yet? :frowning:
Maybe i’ll use collaborator field and leverage the email notification (pipe to script) as a temp workaround.


Big +1!

Webhooks would be sweeeeet. :grin: :spider_web::fishing_pole_and_fish:


A big +1 for webhooks!


+1 for webhooks … actually more API love would be great!


+1, even a single GET request when the base has changed or a table has changed would be huge!


+1,000,000 I want to use Airtable as a database for simple web apps. Webhooks for table activity are absolutely essential for modern applications.

This enables use cases such as:

(1) Functions for bases where a change to data in rows one table will cause processing of the change and updates to other rows and/or tables. These cloud function might use a service such as https://glitch.com/.

(2) Airtable as a database with a great UI for a team of data maintainers and an API to allow another app to provide interesting custom views. A Webhook allows such an app to effectively mirror and cache up-to-date data.

I know Webhooks is mentioned on the API roadmap, but sooner rather than later would be great!