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4 - Data Explorer

Has there been any thought about enabling the creation of new spreadsheets by typing “” or even “” into the address bar?

I use it extensively for google sheets, and wondering whether there were any plans to support having the same functionality?

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11 - Venus

Hi @Mark_Ramotowski

Airtable is not really a spreadsheet program, even though it might seem to be.

Rather, Airtable is designed as a database.

As for your question, perhaps someone with more of an understanding, might be able to understand.

Thank you,
Mary Kay

Welcome to the community, @Mark_Ramotowski! :grinning_face_with_big_eyes: Could you share a link to the Google Sheets documentation that describes this feature? I couldn’t find it via a search, and randomly trying to recreate this action on my own through a variety of techniques hasn’t been successful.

I doubt that this feature would—or even could—be added. The browser address bar is (to my knowledge) not a space where developers can create custom behaviors depending on what you type, which is another reason why I’d like to see documentation on this feature. I’ve never seen a web application override the default address bar behavior.

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Thanks for the quick replies!

They have have this really cool (but undocumented) feature, where google own the domain which when you go to the address bar and type it in and press enter it then loads up a new google sheet, by redirecting It’s the same with it loads up a new document.

Does that make more sense? It should be come clear if you type that in in press enter.

Ah, interesting. So they’re not really overriding the address bar behavior. They just bought some domains and redirected them to the appropriate apps. I suppose Airtable could do something similar, but I don’t know that it would be much of a priority. I’m also not sure how efficient it would be. Entering “” wouldn’t work because the top-most entity of the Airtable data structure is a base, which contains multiple tables. If you wanted to use that to add a table to the currently open base, entering “” would immediately take you out of that base, so Airtable wouldn’t have any idea which base to add the new table to. It’s far easier to just click the + symbol at the end of the table tabs.

I suppose “” might work, but how often do you find yourself making a completely new base?

Yep - precisely why this will never be possible. But, could be a possibility, although still somewhat impractical. A number of products now support the .new domain-level method and it is helpful in many cases. For example, Coda supports this.