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Timline Day View - Zoom available?

Hy,my name is Josef, I own a agricultural contracting business and built myself a little interface for managing machines and operators in a timeline view.I spend a lot of time in the Day view, but it is a little bit confusing. First, it is not visibl...

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Airtable Interface Missing

I have been working on an interface and now out of knowing where the interface is missing Need immediate help.This is a video of the problem: 

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Default tab for list view

Hello, I have a list view with multiple tabs. I would like to change the default tab to not be "All records" but another one instead. I have tried to reorder tabs (to put "All records" at the end) in order to achieve this :- I successfully managed to...

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Resolved! Interfaces - Field Not Available in Filter Drop Down

Good morning, I am working on an Interface and I want to add a drop down filter for a specific field in the table I am using. But Airtable is only offering me one field and it is a linked field. Is there a reason that a native short text field is not...

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Resolved! Full resolution view of PDFs in the record review interface?

We are evaluating Airtable for use as a flexible project management system. A significant part of our workflows concern the intake, organization and review of PDF documents (e.g, correspondence, memos, progress reports, etc.).We have a firm grasp on ...

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Resolved! Interface: Kaban Collaborators Comments

Scenario: I have a base with a table in it.  This base has the grid view, kaban view, and a form view.  The form view allows for the creation of new records.  When using the Kaban view from within the Data section, it seems very useful in my overall ...

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Export Reporting built in Interface

Hey All - hoping someone might be able to help me out here.  Using the list view in Interfaces and three dropdown options, I give my users the ability to generate and view custom reports. I'm trying to find a way to allow them to download/save/export...

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Changing Interface Color with Update

Hi there,Last week I was able to change the color of each interface, as desired. I have searched high and low and can't find how to change the color in the new design, so I'm stuck with boring grey. Please send help... Thanks

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Resolved! Worst trash can ever

Is it just me or is this the worst placed delete button ever? That's where the close button goes, guys... Good job there's an undo feature! 

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