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Background color on Record Review only Gray?

I am working on my first new version Record Review interface.  I have TONS of detailed Record Review interfaces in the older now-legacy version.... ugh. The old version let me pick a few colors for group background.  But the new one only has "show ba...

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Custom color for interface design

I want to add custom color to my base. But I can see the 30 colors for my plan. Is that possible to add custom colors?And one more thing is I'm unable to apply colors to the button for the interface workflow template. Is it possible to add colors to ...

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Two data series in a line chart

Hi!I'm trying to display two lines (series of values) in one line chart.Data goes like:Date / Value 1 / Value 21-1-2024 / 24 / 201-1-2024 / 34 / 201-2-2024 / 40 / 211-3-2024 / 52 / 21 So one line displaying 24,34,40 and 52 and another line in the sam...

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Field Summary - Sum of Averages?

Is there anyway to do a sum of averages within a selection using the number boxes?Bottom grey number on the left is what I'm trying to tweak.  Over the last 12 months, I've sold 663 units for a total of $4,107,840 (bottom two green #'s).  I need to s...

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Sums in interface pivot table not working

I've created a pivot table in a dashboard interface and I'm trying to summarize cost for projects. Each record is a deliverable which has a corresponding "Brief" that it's tagged to. Each deliverable also has a cost associated with it. Both "Brief" a...

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