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I’ve made an invoice system in airtable. I now need to export to send to a client.
However I need my invoice to follow a certain naming convention to be able to use for later.
I’ve made a function field to takes care of that.
I can PDF from the print prompt and name my document, but I need to copy/paste the name from my function field every time.
Is there a way to automatically name my PDF based on my function field?

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Docupilot allows you to set the file name based on a field name. We’ve built an integration for Docupilot with Airtable.

I saw that thank you. It’s just the Docupilot price is a little too steep for me to justify atm.

Are you still seeking a solution for this, or have you found something since you first posted (two years ago)? :slightly_smiling_face:

Still looking - but guess everyone just have to deal with going to the print prompt, keeping an eye on orientation (as default in the print prompt is portrait) and naming the document accordingly.

I don’t know if anyone else has a workaround except using Docupilot?

I build an HTML version of my invoices in Airtable, including a specific filename. I then use a button field to trigger a script that calls an Integromat scenario webhook. The Integromat scenario sends the HTML to CloudConvert to convert it to PDF, then saves that PDF back to the Airtable. I click another button field that triggers a different Integromat scenario to email the PDF to my client. I don’t send many invoices, so I’m able to use the free CloudConvert account for now. I’ve toyed with the idea of trying to use Google document templates instead of CloudConvert, but haven’t had the time to experiment yet.

Thank you Justin - I didn’t think about cloudConvert I’ll try it out…

Hi Justin

I’ve been trying figure out how you build an HTML version of your invoice in Airtable?
Did you make it with the custom block?

No, I did it directly in the various tables that are part of the invoicing process. In my case, the following tables are involved:

  • Line Items
  • Rates
  • Clients
  • Invoices

Line items link to rates, and I build just the line item HTML in a formula field. In my case, each line item is a row in a table, so the formula starts with:

"<tr><td>" & Name & "</td><td>$" & Rate & {Type Abbr.} & ...

On the [Clients] table, I have a formula field that builds the HTML version of the client’s address.

On the [Invoices] table, I link to the line items for a given invoice, as well as the client, and roll up the respective HTML data from each of those tables, which is then inserted into a larger formula that builds the rest of the invoice HTML.

Hello, Justin, I just wanted to say how helpful and thought- and ideas-provoking i found your posts on this thread and your related one at Create pdf and store it as attachment . Looking at your recent (April 26th) post on using CloudConvert API with AirTable script, I must go look at that, as hopefully will help me regarding the limit of 2 “On” scenarios with free, which I’ve been using for webhooks on AirTable button fields to do the HTML to PDF conversions. The CloudConvert daily free allowance of 25 file conversions is quite generous for light use applications. I’ve developed a HTML Templates table for generating mergeable pdfs from a Contacts/Customer management base. I love your concept for building HTML invoices too, via your Invoicing linked tables structure.