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6 - Interface Innovator

Anyone got any thoughts on exporting a WordPress database to Airtable?

I’m contemplating moving a large personal site to Airtable as a CMS.

I would want to export my posts, as well as their corresponding images.

CSV: There are several ways to export WordPress posts to CSV, eg. the plugin WP All Export. But the CSV obviously wouldn’t contain the image files, just references to the URLs at which they would be retained.

MySQL: Then there is the reality that WordPress posts (and users etc) are essentially in a MySQL database. Maybe MySQL to Airtable? Again, though, this would not include image files - they are just files in folders.

I wonder if I should be thinking about bringing images into Airtable at all. Maybe okay to leave them on the web server, or even store in something like AWS, then just store references like URLs in a base.


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It’s probably the best idea to leave your images elsewhere, and just reference them via URL in Airtable. That’s because Airtable has extremely low limits for image attachments, and Airtable’s URLs are not permanent, so you can’t confidently nor consistently reference them.

However, if you did want to bring the images into Airtable as attachments, you could bring in all the image URLs first, and then convert them to actual Airtable attachments by using this tool from MiniExtensions:

p.s. Not sure if you have a budget for your project, but if you need to hire an Airtable consultant to help you with any or all of this, please feel free to reach out to me at

Do you want to export just the posts and pages? What about tags, categories, menus, widgets, sidebars, users, comments, etc?

If you just want to export posts/pages, do you want the raw html (as seen in the ‘code editor’) dumped into a long text field? Or is your data more structured so that you can split a single post across multiple fields in Airtable?

How many post do you have to convert to Airtable?

Are your images currently in WordPress’s medial library? If so I definitely recommend moving them out of there to a CDN. Dealing with WordPress’s media library is a mess.