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New Form Type: Priority Flags

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer
Status: New Ideas
What is the proposed idea?

Color coded icons showing project or task priority (similar to Importance icons in emails).

How does is solve the user problems?

A visual aid to quickly see what projects or tasks will require immediate attention. Currently we include the phrase "HOT PLATE" in the task field.

What are the design parameters?

Create a form type using a combination of the Rating form type, Number form type, and Single Select form type.

Preliminary design includes an icon (only) displayed in the column (a flag or fire) and when the drop-down is selected the icon and associated text is displayed in the drop-down. Three colors Red, Green, Yellow representing High Priority, Normal Priority, and Low Priority. Must be able to sort using color of icon.

Who is the target audience?

Anyone who interacts with Airtable for projects and tasks.