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Start Automation from field button

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Button field in table can be used to run a script but not an automation.
Button in interface detailed view can be used to run an automation but not a script. Besides, these buttons cannot be displayed on record lists.

Could Button field be used to start an automation (the same way interface button does)?
It could be very useful to have the same button, launching the same automation displayed in different interfaces and in the table views. And also having the button available in lists views.

My "hacky" workaround for now, is creating a checkbox field and an automation that runs when the checkbox is checked (and unselect itself at the end).


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18 - Pluto
18 - Pluto

I agree that this is a much-needed feature in Airtable.

In the meantime, until Airtable gives us this functionality, there are 2 great workarounds for this:

1. Use a single-select field instead of a checkbox field, because a single-select field looks similar to a button, and you can even update the field’s value during the automation as well. More details in this thread.

2. Even better, you actually CAN use a button field to trigger an automation, as long as your automation is a Make automation. You can use a custom webhook in Make to serve as the trigger for your automation, and then when you click on a button in Airtable, it will trigger the automation. You can even setup a custom webhook response to be displayed to your user as well. More details in this thread and this thread.