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6 - Interface Innovator
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Hello, I built an automation to fullfill a linked record with some info when another record in not empty. It is working perfectly for new records, but i need to run this with all the records in a table that have been already created. this is my autom...
Hi all, i am trying to build a table for holidays via caledarific API. this is the part of response from json { “meta”: { “code”: 200 }, “response”: { “holidays”: [ { “name”: “New Year’s Day”, “description”: “New Year’s Day is the first day of the ...
I have a formula to store progress on a time period. CONCATENATE(ROUND({closed tasks}/{Total tasks}*100,0),“%”) There is another field called “deadline” What i am trying to solve is to avoid an update of the formula after deadline date, in order to “...
Hi all! Im trying yo send a gmail with an automation, I want to send an email to a list fo mails which are in a lookup record separated with commas. I try to do this but the test says that my To field is empty Some help, pls? Many thanks
Hi, all! I like to use the script which is served in marketplace to delete duplicates. But i want to use is as automation, so i need to to remove all input from user and validation in order to run it from a workflow. I want to hardcode table, firstI...