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I run a photo studio and need help with a formula that I use to keep track of the status of documents clients are to fill out and return to me as part of their booking. In my table I have… 4 single select columns: ContractCredit CardCOICOVID Each has...
I’m not good with formulas. Can I get some quick help, please? This formula… ({Material Length}/{Product Length})/{Purchase Cost} With these values in their respective columns… Material Length - 48 Product Length - 16 Purchase Cost - $39.99 Gives me ...
Hello. I suck at formulas and need some help. I have 4 single select fields in which I set the status of different documents I collect from clients (not sent, sent, received, not needed). I then have a “document status” formula field that queries the...
Hello. I have 2 separate forms that write data to the same table. I would the data to be “tagged” in the table with a category based on which form it was submitted through. I know I could have the user self-select from a single select dropdown, but t...
Hi. I’m creating some new documents in the Page Designer block. Some fields that I’m referencing from my base do not always have data in them. Airtable is putting “lorum ipsum” placeholder text when the field is empty. Is there a way to turn this off...