Ability to create filter groups

One missing piece of functionality is the ability to create advanced filters that utilize a combination of AND and OR filters.

For example, here’s similar functionality from EnjoyHQ.

However, I think Airtable could do this even better and the filtering functionality could be even more powerful if there both individual filters and filter groups (with clear visual indicators between filter groups to better illustrate their relationship.

{Filter Group A

  • Filter A1
  • Filter A2}


{Filter Group B

  • Filter B1
  • Filter B2
  • Filter B3}

Agreed, this would be nice built-in feature. My workaround was to make a checkbox field, filter records using one set of criteria and check the box for all the records, then do another set of values and check the box for all records, then filter by where the checkbox is checked.

Alternatively, you could use a formula field and build the complicated AND / OR logic in an IF() statement.

Yeah, I’ve had to use various workarounds like you mentioned, but I really dislike adding additional fields or complicated formulas to my databases just for these purposes.

Same here. Its not an ideal solution but it may work in the interim. Hopefully we’ll get more flexibility in View Filters in the future.

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