Ability to Sort linked Records

I crea a lot of Linked Records, they reorder themself without any logic. I manually re order the linked records, and they get changed again. It would be great to be able to sort linked records by date, main field, etc.

Linked records should not be re-ordering themselves without any logic. When you link a new record, it is added to the end of the list of linked records.

If you want to sort the linked records, you can use the Batch Update app. This support page has more info.

Could you have some sort or automation that is re-ordering your linked records?

Or are you referring to the sort of the linked records in their own table/view versus in the linked record field itself? Each view has its own sort that is unrelated to the order in the linked record field.

Probably not, I have to check on thousand of records. Despite that, I should be able to sort them by date, or other field…