Adding N/A Option to Field Types

It would be nice if no matter the field type selected, if you could customize an option(s) to indicate the field was looked at but it wasn’t applicable, rather than left blank due to lack of data.

In a contacts base, I may ask for various information like phone number and the field type I select is “Phone”. It only allows for a 10-digit number (which can be really helpful) but I would love to have an exception where I might put “N/A”.

Again, this would allow a little more flexibility, rather than an all or nothing approach.

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I’ve run into situations multiple times where this would’ve been helpful, especially columns formatted as numbers where inputting text isn’t allowed. I have to leave the field blank which usually indicates there’s no data or that it just hasn’t been added yet, and in some cases it’d be better to indicate the data isn’t going to be available.


I also agree. I think having an option to add exceptions to specific cells in a field would be useful

Any updates on this feature? I’d especially like it for columns formatted as “Attachment”