Advanced User Permissions

+1 for this suggestion. This is the single biggest product gap that prevents us from incorporating Airtable more broadly into our company workflows. It really limits the power of using Airtable as a centralized single source of truth if different groups can’t be restricted to collaborating and editing subsets of that overall data. While there is not single permissions solution that fits everyone’s needs and also maintains simplicity of UI, it seems that table and view level permissions as a starting point would cover a lot of use cases. Are more granular permissions still on the roadmap? I expect it influences continued user investment in airtable vs alternative solutions for many.

Defiantly need table level security permissions!! It is silly that i need to give write access to every table in the base just so that they can edit one table. ;(

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Field-level permissions, please!! We need to give our partners (who aren’t so trustworthy when it comes to data integrity) the ability to update individual fields WITHIN views, and not just the whole view or base.