[Airtable Blocks SDK] Allow Table#createFieldAsync and Base#createTableAsync to create fields with descriptions

As a custom block developer who’s making an app that programatically generates tables and fields,

I want the methods Base#createTableAsync and Table#createFieldAsync to take in a param for Field#description,

so that when I create fields they’re pre-populated with field descriptions that users can refer to.


Bump - would love some feedback on this request, Airtable team. Thanks!

Bump - any chance this is on the roadmap / Airtable radar?


This would be an exciting option, I’m trying to create something similar.

It’s so unfortunate Airtable doesn’t really care even by replying to this.

Airtable actually has amazing support if you message them. I would suggest sending them a message referencing this product suggestion.

They were able to help me with my requirements.

Ali Pirani