Be able to create new records in another table via form

I was recently creating a form for colleagues to use to log outreach with students. Forms are really essential as many of my colleagues are not great with platforms like this, but need to be able to quickly and easily enter info into our base, without having to interact with the larger context and get lost.

In the form, I wanted them to be able to log details about the calls in the Outreach table the form was created on, and also to note if the conversation required any follow-up, and if so, create a linked record in a table called Follow-up.

I figured this would be able to work because when you’re putting an entry into a linked field while in grid view, you have the option not to only select from the records that already exist in the table that’s linked, but also to click the plus sign and directly enter a record right there. Unfortunately, that is not an option through a form like it is in grid view. In my case, it would be extremely helpful!


Indeed you can’t create new records from a form in another table from the one that a form submits to. You can use Zapier to automatically create a record in another table when a record is created in a table (or a view) and link it.

Thx Aron. I understand the limitation exists, and through Zapier (another paid subscription) some necessary workaround could be programmed. I’m just plugging a request for a function that wouldn’t require a workaround.

I pay for the pro version of Airtable and I’m still not able to figure out how to do this. We need to be able to create records that link to the correct customer record; if that customer does not exist, we have to create it then or it’s likely data will be lost. How can I “vote” on or otherwise let Airtable know how important this feature is?

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Depending on the setup of your base, you might be able to accomplish this with Airtable’s Automations without any coding at all.

For any sort of extra conditional logic, you would either need to write a custom JavaScript or turn to a no-code/low-code automation platform like Integromat.

p.s. If anyone needs help setting this up and you have a budget for your project, I am an expert Airtable consultant and an Integromat Partner. You can always feel free to reach out to me at my website