Color linked records to look like a single select

I love using the Single Select (or Multiple Select) fields to add a pop of color to a table, and be able to see things at a glance. I also love how easy it is to change a Single Select field to a Linked Record field, and to automatically create a new table using the data from that field.

But I don’t love that all my colors go away when I do this. I gain so much functionality, but lose the ability to see things at a glance. I know I can add a little colored stripe to the side of record based on certain conditions, but it’s not the same as the colorful pills in either Single or Multiple Select fields.

What if there was a way to take the conditional coloring from one table, and use that to add color to that record when it appears in another table in a Linked Records field?

Screen Shot 2021-11-17 at 1.04.50 PM
Screen Shot 2021-11-17 at 1.04.59 PM


This is a great suggestion.

For now, you can include a colorful emoji in the primary field of the linked record. If your primary field is a formula field, you can even have the formula control which emoji to use depending on the state of the record. Then in your linked record fields you will be able to see things at a glance based on the emoji.


For a workaround, I wrote an automation that tracks linked records and maps them into a coloured single select field on the table where you’re needing the colour. It works well, and you can limit permissions on the extra colour select so users don’t accidentally change/desync it.

But would I love to see this feature? Heck yeah! I’ve been wanting it for years.


I was wondering this myself! It seems like it was requested 5 years ago, and is long overdue.

Can you share how you did this? I’d love the feature too.

I’m so SO glad someone mentioned this. I love the color so much on our multiple select field. We now desperately need it to be a linked record field but can’t.quite.let.the.color.go.

I wrote a script that when I change the Linked Field, it changes the select to match it - so that I have color :slight_smile:

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I’d love to see Airtable allow colours that can then flow into the new Interfaces - and also to have colours better used with the KanBan/Gallery view too.

But the point still stands - Linked Records could really use a colour key/value added to their field class. Perhaps it’s far too hard for Airtable to implement due to legacy reasons? And if that is the case, then I often think of what’s preventing Airtable from either adding a new type of column to support such new features, or even, perhaps allowing Base versioning, where a base can be migrated from the old to the new - which would allow the new features to then become available…

Alas, at least we have the Automation workaround…