Convert Gallery and Form View to Grid View


Please allow us to convert views like Gallery and Form into Grid.

THANK YOU :raised_hands:



You mean for reusing the filters and/or the sorts? I think those are very easy to configure again, isn’t it? :confused:

Let’s add some context to understand better :smiley:


I can imagine many uses for view conversion between all view types. To me it seems like a pretty basic expectation/feature.

In our case, we have a request form that only uses a fraction of the fields in our base and uses them in a particular order. We’d now like a “matching” grid view, so we can make an XLS/CSV “template” for offline collection of data, that we can then paste right back into Airtable. Our “template” would effectively become a multi-record “form”.

But currently, we’d need to build a new grid view from scratch, that “matches” our form, by hand and slowly, given the huge number of fields omitted and the rigorous manual sorting of fields in regard to order.

Which is another improvement I’d love to see. The UI for showing/hiding and sorting fields within a given view is not optimal, and particularly weak on large displays.

Thank you,