Difficult to use with touchscreen even on 15" laptop


Perhaps other views are more touch-friendly, but grid-view is almost impossible to work with on my 15" laptop touch screen. It’s not even a matter of size. I can enlarge the screen so that cells are larger than my finger, but that doesn’t help. The scrollbars pretty much don’t work at all when dragging them on screen, and I can’t swipe through to unseen areas of the grid. Basically, it’s just not built for using with touchscreen, but it should be. Don’t think just in terms of mobile or small tablets. Recognize the need to use this on large touch screens as well. It should just work.


Don’t know which browser you’re using but I had a similar touch requirement and found Firefox to be much more capable than Chrome.


How did you resolve this? I have the same issue.


Everything else seems to work fine, but it seems impossible to scroll (horizontally or vertically) using the touchscreen. This is a big inconvenience obviously.


Agree. It’s next to impossible to use like this.


+1 - Yes, it would be great if this was fixable. I was hoping to to do a bit of tablet entry with Microsoft Surface but this is not, for the moment possible.


When I open a table in grid view, I cannot scroll up and down by using my touch screen. When I actually open up a record I can scroll with touch, but not when viewing the whole table. The sliders on the right edge of the screen and the bottom of the screen also do not respond to touch input. My operating system is Windows 10 and I have tried using Airtable both through web browsers and through the Windows 10 App.


Same problem. It would be so good to have for the touch!


Yes! Airtable grid view on a Microsoft Surface would be awesome. I am a traveling salesman and it would really increase my productivity.


Same experience with any browser on Android! And the design of the Android app does not suit me, I need to work with tables like in the office!


Confirmed - I went to buy a Surface Pro tablet to bring AirTable with me at day and night, but discovered that I can’t scroll tables (both on Edge and Chrome).
It would work with an external mouse / mouse pad on Chrome.


Yeah, I agree - or maybe Airtable can release why it is a restriction so another developer can integrate some sort of app which would resolve this? I tried with the Windows app and it didn’t work either. It has been two years since this was reported. Airtable is fantastic software - it would be awesome to have this with me on my Surface.


same issue here on a surface pro, cant scroll at all


Yes, I too am having the same problem. I walk around my furniture store and track all sales through a pipeline managed by air table. I can’t Scroll while holding my tablet. It’s the only HTML site where scrolling doesn’t work on a surface for me.


one workaround is to expand the record you want to edit - it scrolls vertically when expanded


Nov 2018 and this still has yet to addressed.

I’m trying to get my whole company in on Airtable, but this is one of the issues holding them back, alongside the bugginess of the android app.


I’m curious if touch support is in the roadmap at all for Airtable? Myself and my team have heavily invested into Airtable for organization but the lack of proper touchscreen support and marginal utility of the iOS app is really holding us back and I’m starting to look for alternatives.

Would be great to hear from someone on the Airtable team on this issue soon.


Jared I wouldn’t count on it, as I reported this bug around two years ago…


Wow I’m surprised to have found this still active after 2 years

My poor surface doesn’t play well with airtable because of this issue. Google sheets is able to scroll in both directions.


I am using a Lenovo X1 to drive multiple monitors through a Sonnet puck. Touch pad scrolling on my X1 works vertically just as you would wish. Yet when I unplug from the Sonnet puck and use the X1 alone with its own single display I cannot scroll. I wonder if this would help someone figure out a fix?