Duplicate Table to Different Base

I WIN! NOT YOU (code/software/etc), ME! I WIN! IT’S ALL I DO!!!

Please forgive my exuberance, it’s how I celebrate after hours of toiling away trying to get something to work. This seems simple enough, but after avoiding figuring this out for months I finally decided to give it a go on a Saturday morning. Just spent another 2 hours completely perplexed, much like @Jarret_Cassaniti above.

For anyone still struggling to figure this out, here is the workflow at last!

  1. Go to the table you want to copy and select “Grid View”.
  2. Remove any Group filters you have in place so you see all of the data in list like a traditional spreadsheet.
  3. Click anywhere on the Table. It doesn’t matter if you click a Column, click into a Cell, or in the gray space off to the side.
  4. Press Command+A (Mac) or Windows+A (PC) on your keyboard. All of the columns and rows are now a highlighted light blue.
  5. Press Command+C (Mac) or Windows+C (PC) on your keyboard. You have now copied all of the rows AND the structured data for each column.
  6. Click the Airtable “Go home” logo at the top left of your screen.
  7. Click the base where you want to duplicate the table.
  8. Click the “(+)” plus sign icon next to “SHARE” at the top-right of the first Table you see in the Base.
  9. Select “Create empty table”.
  10. Give your Table a name or press Enter to use the generic Table name assigned by Airtable.
  11. Right-click the Attachments column and select “Delete field” at the bottom list.
  12. Right-click the Notes column and select “Delete field” at the bottom of the list… You are now only left with the Name column and three rows.
  13. Click the checkbox next to each of the three rows.
  14. Right-click and select “Delete all selected records”.
  15. Click the (+) plus sign to add a new row. You will now see the blinking | line icon indicating you can now add information to the cell.
  16. Press Command+V (Mac) or Windows+V (PC) on your keyboard.
  17. Cry tears of joy because you now know how to fully duplicate a table in a different base!

Only deleting the columns didn’t do the trick for me, but h/t to @James_Samuel for that advice. Once I deleted all columns AND rows, it worked like a charm.

Hope this helps save at least one poor soul from the torture of having to piecing this together without step-by-step instructions. Airtable, if you’re listening, please add this to your documentation!

Cheers y’all!



Wow, wonderful @James_Hahn_II! Your patience and solution sharing is greatly appreciated!

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Why doesnt this work for me? Formats and data are copied but not formulas? Any ideas?


You sir, are a rockstar!

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Hi @ James_Hahn_II … great job - but it does not work on my end. May I ask what Windows and Browser you are using? Don’t really think it is that, but I tried all copy/paste “grips” I can think of.

And after two years of Airtable not delivering I don’t think they will.

But still @ Airtable it would really be cool to just add it as a feature to copy to another base or another table.

EDIT: Okay, so after giving it another whirl - yes, I just can’t help it - I think I found the missing link…
@Jason_Friedlander and @merlinregis_Thibeaul I may just found what you were trying to do

Go to the table you just created in the other base OR to the table you want to add to.
Then hit your “pasting combination” for MAC/Windows. That (often) prompts a pop up from Airtable asking you if you want to expand the table or keep it as is.
If you expand the data and the structure will be added.

Here is the kicker: When there is already data in the base, it may not or only partially expand with the columns and data. I think it has something to do with the ID column (all to the left, that you can’t delete or push somewhere else), but may also come with what columns are already in the base (say twice a date column or a notes column)

I am new to Airtable so my data is very limited at this point to really see what exactly the expand-feature triggers and when/how it does fully work and when not or partially.


Awww, shucks! Thanks @kyrie_gibson!! And happy to help @Jarret_Cassaniti :slight_smile:

Great catch Annie. I should have added I’m on a MacBook Pro using the Mac desktop app.

It’s hilarious I just got looped back here 47 days later. I loved the functionality of this community so much it stuck with me. Subsequently started noticing the same technology in use across the web. 15 days ago I had to know what was behind it… for anyone that’s curious it’s Discourse.org, an open source forum platform.

Haven’t slept for the past 15 days while I learned command line tools, Terminal, Ruby on Rails, Homebrew, Git, Vagrant, VirtualBox, nginx, PostgreSQL, Redis, Sidekick, and oauth2 with slight detours for Trellis, Bedrock, Sage 9, and Mailgun so we wouldn’t have to pay Discourse $300/month for hosting and access to all the plugins. Just finished writing a detailed tutorial over there, checked my email, and saw notifications from the Airtable Community. What a difference 47 days can make!!


p.s. Thanks for listening. Honestly never thought I’d be able to do this kind of programming and kinda (totally!) geeking out :smiley:

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@James_Hahn_II you are blessed among men! Thanks for sharing this tidbit!

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I’ve deleted all columns and rows in the new table, then Paste. But it still doesn’t copy the formulae - only the data.

After CTRL-V, only this pops up:

Do you want to expand this table?

To fit your pasted data into the table, we need to add 52 more recordsand 12 more fields.

Expand the table so that all of the pasted cells will fit.

Don’t expand the table. Values outside of the table will not be pasted.


This is a must. seems to also be a different thread for the same feature

Thanks James for sharing!

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I’d also like to copy the views along with the table, to the new base.

I found this doesn’t work in Firefox (won’t copy the data structure) but will in Chrome.


The copy and paste option works fine if you only have one view to recreate on the new base. But I’ve got a table with multiple views all filtered differently, as well as a number of forms with customized text. Copy and pasting and then recreating my views and forms will take quite a bit of time. It makes this copy and paste solution not a strong enough answer to this feature request. Would really love to be able to copy an entire table and its views, completely as-is, to another base in one or two clicks. I love Airtable, but this would be a significant improvement. Thanks!


Hi @Howie_Liu, if I copy and paste the cells into a new base, will it automatically link the cells so both bases are updated with new information added/edited/deleted?

Hi @Hannah_Garza - unfortunately it doesn’t work that way. Copying creates a new copy and they are not linked when you copy to a new base. If you copy within a single base (i.e. between tables) then it will keep the linked relationship. But not between bases.

Hi Howie, thanks for your response! So if I’m wanting to use the same data in one base and all the updates that will occur there, how can I create a new base and/or table with that copy the same linked information?

Hi Hannah - you can’t :frowning: That is the #1 requested feature.

btw - I’m not Howie. Howie is the CEO of Airtable. I figured he’s pretty busy these days so thought I’d jump in to answer :slight_smile:

Hey @openside! I realized after I sent the last message. Thank you for your responses, I will just have to come up with a workaround. :wink:

You do win! Worked like a champ! I would just add after #16 to click yes to the “Expand Table” query. Thank you!!

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Yes, it would be amazing to duplicate a table to another base and keep the two synchronised - and it would also (kind of) solve the “link to tables across bases” issue :slight_smile:

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