Error Uploading Image from Webflow to Airtable

I am trying uploading an image from webflow form to airtable using zapier. All the form data like name, email, etc are getting added to the table when I submit the form except for the attached image. The image column (Attachment) is always empty.

So I tried manually add the image using the Link (URL) option and kept getting following error: “Error fetching URL metadata.”

Following is the image URL generated by webflow:

Any idea how to fix this?

You need to deactivate “Restrict upload file access” in your Webflow project settings.

Then Airtable will be able to read the uploaded files.

Another solution would be to use an embedded Airtable form in your Webflow site so the image goes directly into Airtable (skipping Zapier). Then, use a tool like PowerImporter to easily sync all your Airtable data to Webflow

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