Feature request: org chart

Just used the “org chart” app for the first time. It works fine, but it would be great to be able to group workers based on a field.

Example: my CEO doesn’t only direct 2 managers (who have people under them who are nicely grouped), but also 15 consultants. That makes the width of the chart to big for comfort. It would be nice to be able to group some of them, based on a single select field for example (which we use to map their specialities).

Edit: it’s also a shame that the lines aren’t aligned when a field output (in this example the functions) has 2 or more lines



I ran into this shortcoming sometime ago as well when using the Org Chart App. We worked around it by creating “People” records (the table that feeds our Org Chart) that represent the groupings we wanted to make in the Org Chart, and made all of our actual “People” records children of a “Group” record, rather than another person directly.

Definitely not as elegant as the suggested feature, which I’ve +1’d, but just wanted to offer the work-around idea for use in the mean-time:


Thank you @Jeremy_Oglesby , much appreciated.

As much as I love Airtable, there always seems to be workarounds needed, which is a shame really.