Feature Request / Suggestion

Suggestion to add a new Field type in air table : Time Stampes logs / notes.
Ie. a type of field that keeps the history of all the notes taken, and each time a new note is written, it saved it with the date and time.

Example :

2020-09-07 - 1:42pm
Just had a call with prospect. Interested to try out the product but concerned about the price. Next step is to book a demo

2020-09-03 - 3:52pm
Lead has not responded to my email yet, waiting for a reply

EDIT - The above would be contained in one cell of a row only. I understand that you can create a timed log separately and link each of these time logs to one contact or one account for instance, but what I am suggesting here is to have the whole list of timestamped comments as one “cell” for a given contact, which would offer an alternative and make its usage more practical to update I feel

This field type already exists, and it is called “Last Modified Time”. Its counterpart is “Created Time”.

Hello ScottWorld,

Thanks for your response but the “last modified time” does not do what I described. It only shows the Last Modified Time and does not keep track of all the comments with a time stamp