Flash card view


Evernote used to have a product called evernote peek, where each note would be turned into a flash card that one could study (title is one side, note content on the other side).

It would be great if Airtable had a similar feature.

I keep a lot of bases that contain study/vocab material for languages, so this would be very useful for that.

I suppose I could also write a script to sync base notes to Anki…


The new gallery view might be something for you. Simply hide the content on the main view and expand for more info…

Two-Sided Gallery and Kanban View "Cards"

I’ve been using an integration with Anki (flash card software) for a couple of months. I just open-sourced it today:


This is awesome. I was just thinking of doing this myself. Care if I add/contribute to it?


Please do! The code is not amazing as it’s mostly just small hacks when I encounter bugs and I have little experience with Python!


I started trying this out. I’m writing some comments on the github page. Let’s continue our discussion there!