Floor Layout with simple shapes that can be positioned


A table view that allows the user to draw simple shapes and place them to form a layout, and then place records in those places. Starting with a simple gridded background (i.e. like graph paper) place a circle or a rectangle in the grid and then connect that shape with a record in the table, or perhaps a query of the table.

In my particular situation, I’m working on a winery production database that will keep track of wine lots and barrels and tanks. A common way of managing tanks is to use a whiteboard with circles in permanent ink drawn on the board to represent the tank layout in the tank room and then use white-erase pen to write in the lot and date of fill and planned date to empty. This is a similar problem to POS systems in restaurants, that have a view where you can draw simple circles or rectangles to represent tables and keep track of seating and reservations that way. A manufacturer with process flow or a warehouse with stocking will have similar needs. You could use this kind of view for a seating chart or for an office inventory as well.


Considering @Ken_Moholt-Siebert 's suggestion as a generic request, the background could be anything 2 dimensional (like a whiteboard diagram, a floor plan, or the section/elevation of a building). A user-defined coordinate system, like how many divisions by how many divisions (like a grid) would need to be a parameter in order to locate symbols or markers on the background image. Next, each record in the table or view would need an x coordinate and a y coordinate. Finally, a definition of the “tooltip” details in a “hover” event over the symbol or marker would make certain fields momentarily visible, like name, attachment, etc. This could be simpler than the 3-D viewer, and possibly much more useful (floorplans, planograms, data center racks, file drawers, key safes, or essentially any detailed graphic could be added . . . even flow charts.

That would really allow me to do a great deal more visually.


In other words, It would require a use case for loading a 2-d image, a use case for defining a coordinate grid, a use case for associating x and y to fields in the view, a use case for selecting a marker, and a use case for defining what details are visible in a “hover-note” or tooltip.


Implementing a SQL schema designer would be nice

Something akin to https://www.draw.io/ or https://www.lucidchart.com/ but linked directly with airtable

This way you can see the 100% view of database architecture in one view


I set out to create a floor plan using the new Page Designer. Unfortunately, I’m running into an issue where I can’t represent different seats on the same page. I suspect this is possible, but that I haven’t formatted the data correctly.

Here’s a gif of what’s happening

The only “solution” I can think of right now would be to create a field for each seat, as that should enable me to show different seats on the same page…

But… There’s gotta be a better way! Right?

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:


Also, why am I not able to include links or images in my post when the WYSIWYG editor has them as options?