Linked record defaults to first view in table

Currently if you have a linked record field in a table, the New record creation window for the linked record defaults to the first view in that respective table.

With the option of ‘limit record selection to view’, the default view of the first view in the table doesn’t change. Am I incorrect for believing this specific record creation window should change to the view that the record selection is limited to?

My current work around is having an otherwise useless view that is only viewable by me as the first view in the linked table, so the users of my base aren’t confused by 47 irrelevant fields.

Change my mind. :slight_smile:

However this workaround fails when there are multiple tables that each link to records in the same table.

I think either having the option of selecting a creation view, or having the record creation view correspond to the record selection view would be very useful.

What’s ok to me, I understand it as a way to limiting which Records to offer. The first View can be filtered or not, that has nothing to do with which fields (and their order) are shown when creating the linked records :man_shrugging:

Why do you just put that View the first one?

I agree on the first option, not in the second.