Multiple Page Document in Page Designer


I agree this is essential. A more fully-featured page designer block would:

  1. Allow headers and page numbers per record
  2. Allow multiple pages per record
  3. Allow fields to resize and flow per field length at runtime.
    Thank you amazing Webflow Team!


Regarding #3, “allow fields to resize”, we need the sections to grow and shrink with the number and size of our lists. Sub-totals would also be very nice.
We want to be able to do our invoices and proposals through the Report Block, but the length of our documents varies a lot.
Just having multi-page or a “continuous” option with a .docx download would solve most of our problems - we can edit out the white space if we must.


+1 for multipage please


So discouraging to work all the way through setting up related tables only to run right in to this silly page length problem in Page Designer.

I have really enjoyed learning AirTable and think it is going to be great for us but the page length problem pretty much messes it up – our whole purpose was creating an invoicing application but we have too many line items per customer to fit on one page.


+1 to this as well! This would make all the difference to me


I’m trying to make multi-page contracts and this is a much needed feature.