Multiple Page Document in Page Designer

I agree this is essential. A more fully-featured page designer block would:

  1. Allow headers and page numbers per record
  2. Allow multiple pages per record
  3. Allow fields to resize and flow per field length at runtime.
    Thank you amazing Webflow Team!

Regarding #3, “allow fields to resize”, we need the sections to grow and shrink with the number and size of our lists. Sub-totals would also be very nice.
We want to be able to do our invoices and proposals through the Report Block, but the length of our documents varies a lot.
Just having multi-page or a “continuous” option with a .docx download would solve most of our problems - we can edit out the white space if we must.


+1 for multipage please


So discouraging to work all the way through setting up related tables only to run right in to this silly page length problem in Page Designer.

I have really enjoyed learning AirTable and think it is going to be great for us but the page length problem pretty much messes it up – our whole purpose was creating an invoicing application but we have too many line items per customer to fit on one page.


+1 to this as well! This would make all the difference to me


I’m trying to make multi-page contracts and this is a much needed feature.


+1 for multipage. Its the only thing missing for us


Hi Stefanie_Van_Steelan

I got Page Designer Block to print multiple records (15) on 1 page by using this method:
8 columns in total: 2 regular & 6 within a grid.

In settings (gear icon)
Table: Food Log
Record Size: Custom
Width (PX): 950
Height (PX): 80
"This affects how much area the record has to print on, like ‘mini pages’.

Print: Records in a specific view
Which view?: Calories by Week
Record Layout: In a Grid
Record Padding: 10
Paper size: (8.5 x 11 in)
Paper orientation: Portrait
Page Margin (PX): 1

[ My printer settings ] Canon MG7520
Papersize: 8.5" x 11" 22 x 28 cm
Margins: custom
Scale: 65
Options: Headers & Footers
Left Margin: 1"
Top Margin: 0.5"
Right Margin: 0"
Bottom Margin: 0"

Hope this works for you, if not maybe it will give Airtable staff a place to start looking.

All The Best,

Pablo Rios

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There are workarounds, but they are a pain and not at all perfect… +1 for this!!


I’m not having luck with the work arounds…really need this feature.


We would love this!!!


+1 Yes please! This would definitely make the pro version worthwhile for our company. We have close to a hundred items that need to be invoiced under one record each month. Unfortunately, those don’t fit on one page. Right now, I can’t make the table large enough to display all the records, so the custom print setting isn’t working either.

I have noticed that the text in a “select” field won’t resize, so even though I could make my table rows much smaller, because of one field, there is a lot of wasted space. Perhaps this could be changed as well?

edit: I just figured out how to get the “custom” setting to work. I was trying to set it in the “print” screen, but you can actually expand the record height from the block’s settings menu. And now it is printing across multiple pages!!


+1 on my end. Like all the feature requests on forms that are essential to input data, the page designer block needs to be top notch to be able to output data. Workarounds are nice, but not enought. Thanks


Yes!! we really need this development ! Thank you for this killing app !


I became interested in Airtable to create data-driven design brochures using the Page Designer block.
The #1 hurdle to this is multi-page per record support, although there are plenty of other features I’d like to see on there.

I could see the Page Designer block becoming it’s own Canva or Adobe Spark, except with the power of a data-driven back end.

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Please try . It’s under development but supports multi record and multi page document creation.

hi, @PageMonk this is useful, but it is not clear if this will be free or paid and if paid, what is the cost?

Hi @Indresh_Kumar Current feature set will be free . Do you have any feature requests?

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I don’t have any requests at the moment. But I wanted to confirm (before starting to use the app) if it’s production grade. I thought it’s in beta because there is no mention of price anywhere.

I agree, this is essential for data output. Any idea when this might become a reality?