Scan QR code in a form - Lets vote for this feature!

Hi Airtabl-expert,
My name is Linh. My project AYA is creating a network of reusable cups for takeaways. Im creating an app to track users, participants and cups. My MVP built on Airtable is 70%. With 1 transaction, ideally, a participant will need to scan QR codes for each cup and for each user. However, there is no option to scan QR code from a form. Hence, there are many clicks for participants to scan.
site :slightly_smiling_face:

In this link below that shows the transaction form, a participant will need to type and search in a multiple drop-down menu.

I think this feature would be important. The scanning QR code has become so huge, so popular. For an event, we can get attendees to self-check-in by scan the QR code of an event via " an arrial form".

Would be so awesome if we can make this feature happen.

P/S: if you have any suggestion for my site, let me know.