Set defaults on fields



Seems like a clear need.

Changes my workflow a fair bit, to discover this.
I was going to have “Requested” be the first status for an item submitted through form.
But I guess it will just have to be “Uncategorized”.


My work around for this is to use a second field. I have a “status” field and a “status_chooser” field. “status_chooser” is single select, as we all know the default is blank when adding a new record. My “status” field is a formula. if(status_chooser = “”,“in process”,status_chooser)
if status_chooser field is still blank, then status = “in process” otherwise it = status_chooser. And still works if later someone selects “in process” from the status_chooser.
I am doing this in grid view. Not sure how it would work in an online form.



Like others, I am surprised this isn’t already available and will need to rethink my workflow, too. Airtable, PLEASE add this feature.


Another +1 for this :boom:

Airtable, please stop making us use “Uncategorized” as the first column in our Kanban views! :grin:



This would be such a nice feature to see implemented!


+1 Really need this obvious feature.


Super-surprised to see that this isn’t a current feature. + 1.


+1 Agree this would be a great feature to have.


+1, I’m using Airtable for sprint planning and I’d love for the default single-select option for my Tiling column to be “Backlog” rather than blank.


+1 please although using the above workaround from @James_Steed


+1 For any status field such as in project management and book collection, a default state saves a lot of manual entry.


+1 This is essential and should be really easy to implement


Just a question, how fast does Airtable evolve ? At what horizon could this be implemented ?


It seems that date fields currently do not support default values. I frequently want a date field to default to the current date or current time or both. It would even be nice to be able to choose to default to a relative date or time (such as current time plus 2 hours, or current date plus 1 day). I think this would be a feature that a lot of people would use… who agrees?


Thanks for the feedback! Could you explain a little more about wanting to default to a relative date/time? Do you have a specific use case in mind for something like this? When you say “current time plus 2 hours,” does “current time” refer to the time at which the record was created, the time at which the date field was modified, or are you asking for something that automatically updates to always show the time two hours from the present time?

In the meantime, it might be useful for you to use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + ; (or ⌘ + ; on Mac). This will automatically put in the current date/time into a datetime field (“current” here means “the time at which the keyboard command was input”).


Hi Katherine,
I’ve never been able to short cut the current date/time on Mac OS, Safari or FireFox. On both it’s a Zoom function.
Can you check please,


Hi Katherine, I am referring to the “Default Value” (of a new record) such as when using a database as a journal or fitness log, it would record date and/or time when the user begins entering a new log. Also, when using a database to log GPS waypoints- new records would include the date and time the record was created. Even a contact list, a calendar event, a photography database, job-seeking, hiring, car maintenance, pretty much any time a user would want the current date and time to be recorded when a new entry (record) is created. In other programs (Microsoft Access) every field type is allowed to have a Default Value, and that value can be a static value or a programmed value (such as CurrentDate, CurrentTime, UserName, etc). I see that some field types in Airtable are allowed Default Values (text fields for example), however it would be very useful if date fields did also.


Are you clicked in to the date field when you use the keyboard shortcut? If you’re not clicked in, ⌘ + ; is mapped to spellchecking, at least on Chrome on Mac.


I also would like to have a way to have Airtable automatically fill in date or time or date and time in a field. This becomes the time stamp of when the record was added. Much easier than typing in the data or using date picker. Also on my windows 10 computer when I use Cntl + all I do is zoom in my display. Cntl - zooms out.


Firefox also treats CNTL + as window zoom in. What are we missing here?