Sharing url to table from desktop app


There doesn’t seem to be a way to get a url of a table or other item from the desktop app. I want to send a link to a new table via slack from the app. I’m using the osx app


File > Copy URL to clipboard (or Shift + Cmd + C).


Theres no file menu in the os x app, as its not a browser, but a native application.


Hi David

There is a file menu and the option to copy the URL is there…and it works as expected:



Maybe you’re just opening the app’ in fullscreen :wink:
Because I must agree, the menu is there…


Ah okay - Its the system file menu you are referring to. Thanks!


No, I’m referring to the appplication file menu that is, as in all the other apps in macOS, on the system bar. I don’t understand why are you confused.


What actually happened (although I wanted to spare the confusion and embarrassment) was that I was using airtable from within station, although I also have the native airtable app. Station acts like a browser but without a url bar and its own file menu. You can’t actually right click on most of the airtable table view in order to copy the url in Station since the context menu is hijacked, so you need to press near the top in order to get a context menu, from where you can select to copy the url to clipboard.

And Elias yes the application controls the file menu, but the interface is the system toolbar not the main application window. No need to give me attitude.


Maybe the interface, the graphic elements, are from the system. But the options, the actions you wanna do, are from the app, what I think it is what matters here. Anyway, I didn’t say any name for the menu, the option just is there where I said (and there is no other File menu within the app :thinking:).

Your tittle says that you are using the desktop app, and the menu of the app exist (in the “system menu” if you want to call like that). So my answer was correct and your 2 replies was unfair.