Using a lookup to another table to populate the choices in a single select field in the original table

I have a table, called ‘Industry,’ with 2 columns of Industry type codes. The first column has many repeat values in it, the second column are unique values, for example:
Manufacturing Textile Mills
Manufacturing Apparel Manufacturing
Manufacturing Paper Manufacturing

In another table I have a column called ‘Industry level 1’ which contains values from the first column of the table above (Industry). I’d like to add a 2nd column to it that’s a single select that looks up the values available for Manufacturing and displays them as the choices for the 2nd column. I’ve seen a range of questions like this asked but none answered that didn’t invoke JSON and code. Is there some way to do this natively in AirTable? Thanks!

Hey Adam,

Presently, Airtable doesn’t support conditional selection field options, as helpful as that feature would be. There isn’t really a workaround – I think you just need to list all select values in the same select field; you could color select options by their category to make it a bit easier to navigate.


Thanks for the response. I did indeed figure a different approach in the end.

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